Protect Your Loved Ones from Tornados, Missiles, Hurricanes & Earthquakes. If you can dream it, we can design it. Made In America.

Affordable "Act of God" Resilient Luxury. 30 YR Warranty! Just $100/sq.ft.

You can afford to eliminate uncertainty with 1500 sq ft TORNADO PROOF homes at just $150,000. Get 100% Customizable and Indestructible Energy Efficiency. German designed and American Pre-Engineered & Constructed to defy the strongest winds, fires, and shakes Mother Nature can throw your way.

Millionaire Protection. For Less than $250,000

2500 Sq. Ft. 5 Bedroom 2 Bathroom Security has never looked so beautiful! Protect your family from every imaginable disaster in this American Made, pre-engineered home on your property starting at just $100 per sq. ft.

Unprecedented Security Meets Unbeatable Luxury. Pleasantly Priced at Less than $350,000

Tastefully appointed with amenities that make the most ambitious executive want to spend the day laying around the house. Guaranteed against tornado's, earthquakes, floods, and more.

Rebuilding America. One Indestructible Home at a Time.

We partner with companies that create security and beauty, so you experience peace of mind and luxury.

Because "The Worst Day Ever" is Unavoidable

Protect Your Loved Ones in Luxury. Experience the Peace of Mind You Can Only Find in a GeniuSuperior Energy Home. Indestructible Protection for Just $100 per sq. ft.

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DESTRUCTION Proof is Now a Real Thing...

9 patents, 500 fully-customizable architectural drawings, and the Genius behind the “Act of God and Human” resilient features that helps your investment safe: • 8,000 PSI GeniusCrete stops bullets, missiles and objects thrown by 250 MPH winds. • 400 mph wind resistance exceeds every code worldwide • Earthquake resistant up to 5 G • Fire Resistant for Up to 6 Hours • 500% STRONGER than Hollow Blocks • Available 4” to 44” wall thickness • Water and salt spray resistant—Floating Foundations Available • Solar Powered & Energy Efficient • Mold, fungus, & pest free • Build Up to 16 Stories High! • Elegant Hard Wood Floors Included • Open Fire Places Indoor & Outdoor Included • Better Equity increase than "regular" homes when you purchase below market value! • 30 Years structural warranty on the GeniusCrete foundation, exterior walls and the destruction-proof roof! • Won’t shrink, crack, rot, splinter warp or rust like old-fashioned stick-built homes

Why Tornado-Proof Your Life with Green & LEED Certified GeniusCrete?

Safety focused families love GeniusCrete because it’s…  8,000 PSI—It’s what we’re using to build a destruction proof World Trade Center  Bullet, high-impact, and missile proof.  Engineered to protect foreign ambassadors from explosion.  Prevents penetration from objects thrown by 250 MPH winds  Up to 44” Thick Green & LEED Certified GeniusCrete Walls & Roof—8000 PSI!

Why Vacant Lots are Being Filled with New Families Who LOVE Our GeniuSuperior 100% Customized-to-Your-Taste Homes

 500 Elegantly Appointed, Architecturally Designed, and Fully-Customizable home plans designed to meet ALL of your ARC and HOA exterior rules  Visible Beauty Drives UP Adjacent Home Values  Guaranteed to Appraise AT or Above Stick-Built Homes within the Community  Virtually maintenance free  Solar Powered & Energy Efficient  Energy Star® qualified  R-Values of 78.7 up to 130.9  Stackable up to 16 floors high  Most affordable cost per sq. ft.  5 Star quality finish With tasteful amenities you might expect in a home valued at more than $1,000,000 Amenities Guaranteed to Have You Hearing ‘OOH’s and AHH’s’ Like… • Granite Countertops • Marble and Hard Wood Flooring • Hand-Crafted Crown Moulding • Travertine Tile Showers • Brass, Copper, Steel, or Graphite Fixtures • Welcoming Family Rooms • Zero-Fingerprint Stainless Steel Appliances • His & Hers Ensuite Bathroom • Exposed Wood Beam Ceilings • Exquisite Mood Lighting • Private, Oversized Masters Suite • Energy Efficient ‘Picture’ Windows • Plus More than 500 Customizable Layouts Sit Ready for Your Creative Touch!